WECH - a Community Land Trust

WECH is a Community Benefit Society. Our constitution satisfies the legal definition for being a Community Land Trust as legislated in the Housing & Regeneration Act 2008, Part 2, Chapter 1, Clause 79:
A Community Land Trust is a corporate body which:
1) is established for the express purpose of furthering the social, economic and environmental interests of a local community by acquiring and managing land and other assets in order –
• to provide benefit to the local community
• to ensure that the assets are not sold or developed except in a manner which the trust's members think benefits the local community

2) is established under arrangements which are expressly designed to ensure that:
• any profits from its activities will be used to benefit the local community (otherwise than by being paid directly to members)
• individuals who live or work in the specified area have the opportunity to become members of the trust (whether or not others can also become members)
• the members of a trust control it.