Your Housing

icon housingGood service is our number one priority & we like to thing we are doing a good job serving our residents. Here you will find a variety of helpful information relating to housing, our housing staff, your tenancy, paying your rent and much more.

Tenancy Agreement

When you move into a WECH property we will ask you to sign a tenancy agreement. The agreement covers the terms and conditions of your tenancy in detail. It explains your rights and obligations, what you can expect from WECH as your landlord and what we expect from you as a tenant.

These include: 

  1. Details of what the property consists of, when the tenancy starts and when and how much rent you should pay. 
  2. Landlords' obligations: These mainly refer to our responsibilities with regard to repairs and maintenance. 
  3. Tenants' obligations: These refer to the manner in which we expect our tenants to conduct their tenancies. It includes the obligation to pay your rent weekly and in advance, the general behaviour of all members of the household, how to apply for permission to make improvements and how to give notice of the intention to bring the tenancy to an end.
  4. The Tenants' rights: See section 3'Know your rights'